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Meet Our Founders

Jeanelle Hazlett:

Born and raised prairie girl moved west to Vancouver in 2014 to pursue her undeniable passion for the West Coast and the outdoors. She happily spends many of her days on the trails of Northvan, leading trail clinics and coaching people in the beautiful outdoors through her company Anchored Fitness. She doesn't know how to run a true recovery run or LSD to save her life. She pours her heart into every thing she does and has been known to finish races hard with a big smile on her face. When she’s not training others, she loves pushing the envelope, running fast up and and down hill, especially with great company. She's been known to say silly stuff, especially in front of big groups of trailrunners. When she met Gareth volunteering at Sky Pilot in 2016, she suckered him into being co-founder of PNWT with the promise of a Fatdog 2017 finish, and the rest is history.

Gareth Davis:

Born a stone’s throw from the Yorkshire Dales, now a naturalized Canadian with a longing for big mountain adventures, Gareth was introduced to ultra-running in 2013 and the rest is history.  Fascinated with the idea of running 100 milers, his body is slowly catching up.  Though a mid-pack weekend warrior, he holds the FKT for the segment End of the Line General Store to Bridge Brewing Company.  But in all seriousness, when not training or racing, he loves helping people reach their goals – be it crewing/pacing you at your goal race, leading weekend group runs, or coordinating volunteer efforts at Squamish50, he has an unequivocal desire to do good and give back.

    Where it all began

    PNWT all started at Coast Mountain Trail Series Sky Pilot Race circa 2016. It was created by Gareth and Jeanelle in their mutual desire to run, adventure, race and volunteer with some amazing people! 

    Our Mission

    • Support local partners, companies and trail communities
    • Collectively support local races, trail projects and rescue organizations through volunteering
    • Get people out to explore and respect our beautiful PNW wonderland
    • Promote safety, health, and excellence for all our members
    • Leave all exclusivity at the trail head

    Come adventure with us!